Don’t Speak

An old man is in a hospital bed attached to an oxygen tank. His wife comes to visit and asks the doctor how he is doing.

The doctor tells her that he is doing better and she could visit him but to limit the conversation because he is still very weak.

The wife enters the room and sits on his bed right next to him.
The man begins to try to say something, but his wife cuts him off.

“Honey, the doctor told me to tell you to try not to speak because you’re still weak.”

The man stills attempts to force out words, but nothing is coming out.

The wife says “ Honey, please don’t try to speak, you are weak, what are you trying to say even? Is it that you love me? If it’s that important write it down.”

His wife hands him a pen and a piece of paper.

She reads the note that he has written, and it says,

“Get up! You’re sitting on my oxygen tubes; I can’t breath.”

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